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Conference Vision

As seen and discussed in the ISCRAM community in recent years, the need of pracademics became essential to facilitate and further increase high-quality research on information systems in crisis management (CM) and response. Thus, it appeared to us as a logical consequence to join forces from both the practitioner and scientific communities to promote the ISCRAM mission. Maybe, 20 years ago such a fusion of practitioners and academics was part of the vision of the ISCRAM founders to promote the research and exchange of knowledge on the design, use, and evaluation of information systems in emergency and disaster mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. In any case: a pracademic dual chairmanship” appears to be perfect proof of 20 years of successful ISCRAM work.

Conference Topic

Our vision for the 2024 ISCRAM edition is to reflect the last 20 years of ISCRAM work and turn it into the future ISCRAM generation through our key competence in process management and modeling. The envisioned topic revolves around the process-centric view on crisis management: Embracing the Crisis Management Lifecycle. The idea behind the topic is to emphasize a holistic process view to not only overcome isolated considerations of crisis management actions, but especially to showcase how important clearly defined roles, tasks and processes are to enable proper communication and collaboration between CM practitioners and researchers.


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